Raar Radio Show

RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio) is a nomadic, live streaming platform for artists working with sound and anything audible. In February 2017, Raar hosted a live show at Art Rotterdam. The composition is made of fields recording from Iceland mixed with etheric voice whispers and vocals. 14:00 DJ Daniel Dennis de Wit 15:00 Marta …

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Healing Places

Healing Spaces Project by Ines Peborde hosted a sound workshop at Industriegebouw in Rotterdam lead by sound artist Virginie Dubois. With 15 participants we took a soundwalk throughout the building. RAAR hosts a follow up to the soundwalk and a new soundwork from field recordings from the workshop. Listen to the live radio conversation between …

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Work commissioned by Kunstgroep De Compagnie, Veghel, The Netherlands, 2014. As the cylindrical structure of the silo offers the optimal conditions for the exploration and production of acoustic resonances, the project ‘Wind’ is based and constructed on these particular phenomena. Defined as the persistence of sound in space, a resonance (or reverberation) is created when …

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phenomenon of the syllable

Multi-channels sound installation, 2013. Exploring the sound stream of speech, the work focuses on the process of formation and appearance of syllables.Using 12 different languages, the natural sound waves of the syllabification becomes the spatial composition of an abstract language.

experiential room

Using the variety of sounds recorded in the museum space (from the sound of the metallic structure to the general ambience), the audio composition acts as a musical fiction and invites the listener to experience DordtYart from a sonic perspective.  The composition is a site-specific work that mixes the various existing sound elements into a …

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circular resonance

Using the exceptional location of the underwater basin located in Delft, Circular Resonance plays with the unique architecture and acoustic of the site to invite the audience to follow the movement of the sound composition.

audible space

To understand how sound can suggest space, the work exploits the acoustic qualities of urban and public design to produce a series of auditive experiences. Using objects such as a satellite dish, a ventilation duct, antennas and alarm horns, ‘Audible Space’ uses DIY audio-engineering circuits to enhance the auditive experience from these objects, and compose …

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composing: the poetic and aesthetic transformation of reality

The book investigates the phenomenology of being and, additionally, how the listening experience affects ‘one’s being in the world’. By taking into consideration aspects of social spaces and imaginary architectures, the book re-engages the perception of the listening experience as a way to experience ‘being’ at the intersection of sound, space and the body. The …

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